Pro Active

Very proactive and enthusiastic with the involvement in the society


Attended various events and other services to help with various activities

Social Awareness

Different measures taken for the development of the society and people.

Event Organizer

Active participation in organizing and arrangement of various Events.

Executive Board

Mr. Bikash Karkidolly


Mr. Chandra Bdr Mangar

Vice President

Mr. Damber Chettri

General Secretary

Mr. Samir Chettri

Office Secretary

Mr. Ashar Tamang

Joint Secretary

Mr.Nitesh Chettri

Publicity Secretary

Mr.Rojesh Tamang

Social Media

Mr.Gopal Chettri

Sports Secretary

Mr. Nabin Khanal

Joint Secretary

Mr. Suraj Giri

Publicity Secretary

Mr. Suman Mangar


Mr. Samir Darjee

Culture Secretary


August 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Indra Dhanus Society – a non political Society

Indra Dhanus is an old society which was run by experienced seniors since past ten plus years. There was a cumulative decision to run the office by the youths. We…

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August 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Importance of social work in our society

7th Mile Samdur Indra Dhanus Society Date : 19/08/2016 Venue : Indra Dhanus Society Office Today we had to discuss about, some kind of important for social work in our society. In present…

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